Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ARCHAEOASTRONOMY Volume XXIV: The Maya Calendar & 2012 Phenomenon Studies

ARCHAEOASTRONOMY Volume XXIV: is now available. The issue includes the following papers on the topic of 2012 studies:

The Maya Calendar and 2012 Phenomenon Studies: An Introduction
John B. Carlson

The Maya Long Count Calendar: An Introduction
Mark Van stone

It’s Not the End of the World: What the Ancient Maya Tell Us about 2012
Mark Van stone

Primordial Time and Future Time: Maya Era Day Mythology in the Context of the
Tortuguero 2012 Prophecy
Carl D. Callaway

The Sidereal Year and the Celestial Caiman: Measuring Deep Time in Maya Inscriptions
Michael J. Grofe

Maya Mythology: Only One Reference to 2012?
Erik Boot

Holding the Balance: The Role of a Warrior King in the Reciprocity between War and
Lineage Abundance on Tortuguero Monument 6
BarBara MacLeod

Anticipating the Maya Apocalypse: What Might the Ancient Day Keepers Have
Envisioned for December 21, 2012?
John B. Carlson

New Age Sympathies and Scholarly Complicities: The History and Promotion of the
2012 Mythology
John w. Hoopes

2,012 by 2012? The “Impending Apparent End” of the “2012” Publishing Phenomenon
Kevin a. Whitesides

The issue is now being printed and bound by University of Texas Press Journals and will be mailed out to subscribers around the middle of August. 

Here is the URL from the UT Press;

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